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Photo: Post – Op Foot, Day 6

Mini-Tightrope bunionectomy unwrapped foot, Day 6

The Foot Unwrapped: Day 6

This is a photo of the first time the foot has been unwrapped since the Mini-Tightrope bunionectomy. Some things to note:

  • Ink: they draw on you where they intend to make incisions. Note the hash mark that does not have stitches in it. They drew this in case they had to do an alternative procedure with pins higher in the foot. Fortunately, they did not have to do that.
  • Notice the sutures on the inside of the big toe. Those are particular to my case which was so severe that they had to repair the “medial capsule” (big toe joint) by installing a tightrope that runs from the inside of the big toe, around the joint on the outside of the first metatarsal and is anchored on the inside of the first metatarsal. If you look at the x-ray this may be a little clearer. ( Click here to view X-Ray.)
  • I’m not sure what that other “doodle” is near the ankle. Art?
  • You can’t miss the gap between my big toe and the next. The little toes have been pushed over the years, out of alignment, so when the big toe was fixed, the little toes didn’t automatically spring back into place. The doctor said they will “drift” back over in time. I’m hopeful, but not confident. I’ll see it when I see it.

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