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This blog is intended to be used a reference for anyone considering the mini tightrope procedure to correct a bunion. I had the procedure done on my right foot in April of 2011 and this blog is documenting the second foot done on September 9,  2011. I found when I was looking for information about this procedure there wasn’t enough from a patient’s perspective. I hope this helps anyone who is considering it.  My goal is to blog about the foot over the next year, from surgery to complete recovery.

Many corrective procedures for hallux valgus (a deformity that causes the big toe to shift towards the other toes and causes a bunion on the first metatarsal head)  involve some kind of shaving of the bunion and a wedge shaped cut of the metatarsal to straighten the bone. The mini tightrope procedure still shaves the bunion but the first metatarsal is pulled back into the correct position using two thin fibers and a couple of “buttons” which are left in place in the foot.  The bone is not cut other than for a couple of tiny drill holes. This is supposed to result in a less painful and shorter recovery than an osteotomy (bone cut).

For more information about this procedure please see:  (I did not receive any compensation for linking to this video.)



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