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Approximately 7 Months Post-Surgery

April 16, 2012

Approx. 7 months (04/16/12)

Approximately 2 months have passed since I posted on the progress of my foot after the bunionectomy.  Each week it seems to feel a little  better as far as stiffness and soreness goes.

The good news: I have started jogging again! Doc said as of March I was allowed, but I just went out and bought a good pair of running shoes so now it’s April and I have been on two 20 minute slow runs. I estimate they were about 2 miles each. The feet felt good afterwards. A little bit sore the next day but not as sore as my glutes and hammies which, although I have been biking alot, are not used to the running! It feels great to be able to do that again. I hope to be playing tennis again this summer.

The bad news: Well, you can look at the picture. There is still a sizeable bump on my foot. This is not really news as it started looking like that in December (See the Photos page for a progression).

Other bad news is I still hate shoe shopping. I have really only bought running shoes but I think my whole “life with bunions” has made me shoe-phobic. I expected that post-surgery I would waltz into any shoe store and find myriad shoes that fit and feel good.  I find I don’t even want to go to the store let alone put my foot in a new shoe!  Mostly I’m wearing sneakers, clogs and one pair of pre-surgery ‘dress’ flats that still feel ok.



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  1. Chris permalink

    Im not sure if you realize it but you still have a bunion and if i were you Id be suing the doctor that failed miserably at removing your bunion.

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