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Week 17

January 8, 2012


Approximately four months after the surgery. As you can see the great toe has slipped back towards the other toes a bit. While not as severe as the original (click on the PHOTOS page to see the entire progression) but still quite disappointing. You go through something like this and you hope for the best. You certainly don’t expect that this would happen in 4 months. My last hope is that further movement will be restrained by the fiber that was inserted to shore up the medial capsule (the extra fiber I referred to in the x-ray that goes through the first phalanx and around the joint and back into the metatarsal). I really don’t want to end up back  at square one.

Aside from the crooked look of the toe. I am still experiencing soreness in the joint, especially after doing something like the elliptical machine or a long walk. It seems to be improving a little each week, but I feel like it’s a little more sore with this foot vs. the other. (That said, the first foot still has some soreness too, but comparatively, is barely noticeable.)  I am not yet able to run or play tennis. (Doctor’s orders, which I am following!)  He said March or so. That will be 6 months from surgery. Keep this in mind if you are a runner and are thinking about this surgery!

As for shoes. I’m still most comfortable in those Sketchers I talked about in week 7. Sometimes wearing my regular shoes  the joint gets particularly sore. I need to update my footwear for sure.  New sneakers are the second most comfortable shoes. The Dansko type clogs cause some joint soreness because they are so hard.

As for the rectangular indentation around the scar: That’s just from the Cica care gel which is worn for 2-4 months after prescribed. I am only 6 weeks in on that, so have a while to go. I pulled the gel off immediately before the photo. The indentation goes away in 5 minutes.


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  1. Sharon Costas permalink

    I just had this procedure done TODAY by your same doctor. I totally sympathize with your disappointment. Are you considering having anything else done? What does your first foot look like? Do you remember what your angles measured? My feet are similar to yours, maybe just a little less of an angle.

  2. Sharon Costas permalink

    I also want to say that you were in the best of hands…I think the world of this doctor. So very qualified–he really is excellent. I researched long and hard before I bit the bullet and went for it (I’m 51 and have had genetic bunions since my teens) Although your result might not be entirely perfect, it’s a huge improvement and I’m sure would allow me to live without bunion pain. (and walk into DSW and come out with a pair of shoes!) I followed your blog from the beginning and really appreciate you doing that! It helped me know what to expect.

    • Thank you for the kind words about the blog. I’ve met my goal if you felt it was helpful. I hope others feel the same way!
      As for your questions: I will not “have anything else done” unless the bunion gets unbearable again. I don’t remember the angle numbers, but you can see that it was pretty bad from the photos. The first foot is much more straight. I was on crutches for two weeks for that foot (instead of the one week prescribed for the second foot) and I can’t help but wonder if maybe that was the reason the result is not as good? I guess hindsight is 20/20!
      In any case, I wish you a quick and speedy recovery and feel free to comment again or send an email if you have more questions.

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