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Mini Tightrope Bunionectomy: Checkup, Wk 8

November 6, 2011
Post op, Week 8

Post op, Week 8 (click for larger image)

This was a milestone week:

    1. All the steri-strips came off (I was being very patient, trying to restrain from pulling them off, and the doctor pulled the last one off at my checkup on Wednesday!).
    2. I got clearance to start riding a bike and/or using the elliptical machine. (I have to wait one more week to swim so the scar gets more “set” (I believe that’s the word he used.)
    3. I walked a mile
    4. I started physical therapy
The walking really depends on the shoes. Those Sketchers I mentioned last week are super comfortable due to the softer insole. The clogs a little less so because they have a really hard sole and the toe joint seems to get more sore when I wear them. Doc suggested I find some kind of liner for them. I’m sure they will feel fine in a few weeks.
I got back on my bicycle to go the 1/3 mile to the physical therapist and to go run some local errands. So even though I could walk in shoes for a few weeks, it’s just now, getting back on my main mode of transportation,  that I feel some sense of “normal”.
Physical Therapy was exactly as it was last time: something I feel like I should do but something I also want to get over with. One down, eleven to go.
Tip: it may take a few weeks to get an appointment for a PT evaluation. Book ahead! Since I figured the doc would clear me at about 8 weeks, I booked the eval and the next few weeks of appointments about four weeks ago. You can always cancel.

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