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Mini Tightrope Bunionectomy: Wk 7

October 27, 2011
Post op, Week 7

Post op, Week 7 (click for larger image)

Seems like huge strides every day. This photo was taken yesterday. Notice one of the strips has fallen off and it generally looks raggedy. That means scabs are healing and going to fall off soon. Today the strip between my two toes fell off.  I don’t think it was totally ready as the scar was very pink and a little sore, but I cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol and it seemed to be ok.

Today I was able to wear a different shoe than a sneaker. I have these sketchers shape ups that are “doctor approved” as post-surgical foot-wear. They have a rocker bottom but a very stiff sole (hence the approval). Not only did my foot get in the shoe OK  (had been a challenge due to swelling) but it was so comfortable I barely remembered I had surgery!!

Here is a picture of something like what I was wearing today.

Doctor Approved Post Surgery Shoe

Doctor Approved Post Surgery Shoe


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