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Mini Tightrope Bunionectomy: Wk 6

October 19, 2011
Post op, Week 6 (Click for larger Image)

Post op, Week 6 (Click for larger Image)

Bandage Removal! Shower! Shoe!  A huge milestone week. The bandage came off today. Because I’m an “old hand” having done the right foot in April, I was allowed to skip the doctor visit and cut the gauze and tape off myself. I am now also allowed to let water run over the foot which means A NORMAL SHOWER! And lastly, I am transitioning into a shoe!

One thing that is interesting if you click to look at the bigger photo is how dry and scaley the foot is. Lots of dead skin will come off in the shower over the next few days. The yellowish markings are some kind of adhesive used to help the steri-strips stick.  And the yellowish hue of the foot is due to the betadyne (?) that they used during surgery.

I had forgotten, however, that the transition is slow. I am allowed stiff soled shoes like clogs, or stiff running shoes. I wore the boot to work (for a little extra protection on the train) but then excitedly jumped directly into clogs. I had forgetten that the foot still swells at this stage and that the running shoes (lace-ups) provide much needed “give” for the foot. I was only able to wear the clogs about half the day and then had to revert to the boot again. The ball of the foot feels the most achey after today. I even took a Tylenol.

I remember it will get easier but it is a transition to shoes, not a giant step.


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