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Mini Tightrope Bunionectomy: Checkup, Wk 2

September 21, 2011

Today was the “second week” post op checkup even though Friday is actually the two-week anniversary. I took the El down and back. That is no mean feat considering it’s a total of 1/2 mile crutch walk each way. I will not Welby today.

I saw the doctor today. I’m not sure why but maybe it was because I had those concerns on Friday? Or, because they were extra busy? He didn’t seem worried about anything I was worried about, and he changed the dressing.  The incisions are healing but look pretty much like they did the last week. Some bruising on the top of the foot over the 2-3rd metatarsals has turned from red to blue and I  noticed a bruise on my big toe.

The big news is I’m allowed to bear some weight! Not allowed yet to walk too far or two fast, but I’m in my boot! Makes life much, much easier when you can put one foot on the ground.

I am pretty much off the pain killers. I take one at night still.

BTW, I forgot to mention that you will want to elevate your foot while you sleep. I have a bunch of pillows stacked up on the end of the bed. If you are a side or belly sleeper, good luck!



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  1. tmishalynn permalink

    I too am recovering from bunion surgery that was done yesterday. I had an Austin bunionectomy and hammertoe surgery on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th toes. I have been having a lot of pain, mainly from the toes, not the bunion site. I enjoyed reading your blog and will continue to do so. I also created a blog myself because it seemed most of the people I looked up on the internet had the Lapidus procedure done and their experiences didn’t really apply to me. I will have my second foot done on the 10th of October.

    If you like you can email me at

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