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Mini Tightrope Bunionectomy: 1 Week

September 16, 2011

It’s been one week. I was not supposed to see the Doctor again until next week but I was anxious about the positioning of my toes. I went today to see the senior PA (physician assistant) who typically examines, assesses and wraps the foot when I don’t see the Doc. She re-wrapped my foot and did a special , but easy,  tape job to my second toe. She suggested I do that taping on the second toe of my right foot as well  to counteract the tight tendons which are causing something  of a hammertoe. She gave me a toe splint (yes, seriously… a toe splint!) which can help flatten the joint, and several rolls of 1/2″ micropore paper tape, which for something so basic  is hard to find unless you want it in bulk from Amazon.

I taxied to the office but with nothing but time, I thought I’d venture the train home.

Tips for riding the train with crutches

  • Take Off-Peak Trains:  Definitely more comfortable when you don’t have to ask someone to give you a seat because you are handicapped.
  • Take a break: It was only .26 mile to the station but even that was hard on crutches. I had to take a couple of breaks on the “walk” over there.
  • Take a double seat: Rest your leg on the seat next to you (Another reason to travel off peak.)
  • Take the Elevator: Once when I had my right foot done I took the stairs instead of the elevator. Dumb idea. It’s sweaty and it’s hard. Don’t do it.
  • Take Care: Some of the polished marble floors and linoleum in the elevators get very slick. Watch out especially if it’s moist or if they have just been mopped.
  • Take extra time. You will need it.

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