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Mini Tightrope Bunionectomy: Day 7

September 15, 2011

Thumbnail of Foot

Post-op Foot (Click for bigger image)

WARNING: If you click the image to the left you will see the post-op foot “unwrapped”. It looks a little Frankenfoot-ish so do not click if you are squeamish.

I took that picture during my first post op visit to the doctor yesterday.  I was seen by two of his physician’s assistants and the doctor.  My doctor is part of a big orthopedic department of a teaching hospital so frequently he has another  junior doctor along with him as well. This sounds like great service, but  if it’s  like the first foot, I won’t get to see the doctor every week. (Which is really OK as his PA’s are great and very competent.)

A technician cut the bandage off.  I thought it would have gotten stuck to the blood I mentioned in the last post and therefore would hurt, but all I felt was a slight prickle in the first “webspace” which was probably just a suture being tugged a little. (Webspace, by the way, is the technical term for the space between the toes.)

I then went down the hall to have an X-ray. I had the option of crutching or taking a wheelchair, and since I was feeling kind of tired (this was my first time out of the house since surgery!) I chose to be chauffeured. By the end of three months I believe I will have  about 4-5 x-rays to monitor that the first metatarsal and first “proximal phalanx” stay straight.  (You will learn these terms when you start  investigating foot surgery, but the proximal phalanx is the first small toe bone above the metatarsal.)

I was told the foot looks good and they re-wrapped it and taped a silicone spacer between the “great toe” and the other toes. Normally I would go back in a week for another dressing change. However, I am going back tomorrow as it feels like the big toe and the little toes are not in the same plane.  By this I mean, when the big toe is flat against the sole of the surgical shoe the other toes are kind of hanging in space. It may be just swelling in the bottom of the foot (per the PA) but I will go and have it looked at and re-wrapped anyway.


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