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Mini Tightrope Bunionectomy: Day 4

September 12, 2011

More Pain Management

Uneventful day at home. Elevate, elevate, elevate. Foot feels way better when I haven’t been moving around on crutches and when I keep it higher than my heart. The pain, I’ve been told, is mostly due to the swelling which of course occurs when I’m upright.


Some people get a rolling knee walker while they are non-weight bearing but I actually wanted to be able to use the crutches for a little exercise during this couple of weeks. Also, my “nurse” (bless him!) has to work during the day so I feed myself for breakfast and lunch. Here are some tips for doing household stuff, like breakfasting, while on crutches:

1. Carry a little shopping bag or backpack around with you. You can put your pill bottles and magazines and cell phone in there when you want to move from the bed to the couch to the dining table or vice versa.

2. Use a water bottle instead of a glass. You can close it and put it in the shopping bag.

3. Put a chair or ottoman in the kitchen so you can rest your knee on it while you pour water into your water bottle.

4. Use a travel mug for coffee and hot beverages: Pour your beverage, close the valves, and put a piece of plastic wrap and a rubber band over the top. Put it upright in your shopping bag to move to the dining room. For your food, use plastic containers. Easier to put a closed container and a spoon in the shopping bag and move to the table, versus a plate and a table setting.

5. Have someone set up pillows on the bed and on the couch and, if you have enough pillows, leave them anywhere you are likely to plant yourself so you don’t have to move them around every time you want to move around.



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  1. christina permalink

    Love you blog. I just had my right bunion removed today. I had the left foot done in july. I am happy you are documented your progression. Te drugs I was prescribe the first time made me very nauseous and constipated me in the worst way. I am scared of the pain and the side effects. I am going to read your blog for inspiration

    • Thanks for reading the blog! As you know from your left foot, it gets better! 🙂 (As for the discomfort with the meds: maybe you can ask your doc for a different medication?)

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